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Skillset v Mindset

Elite Web admin - Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I spent some time recently analysing our latest placements. We have a policy here at Elite of only dealing with and supplying staff into our clients, that we personally would want to deal with and work with on a daily basis.

Call it gut instinct, but we like to think that we get a 'feel' for which candidates will fit in best into which clients. The difficulty here being that the vast majority of our vacancies are technical / engineering. Therefore the clients initially stipulate certain qualifications and experience in order to be considered for the roles.

However, the candidates that on the surface have the greater credentials, are not necessarily those with the best attitude and application.The criteria I look for in a recruiter has changed markedly in the last ten years - some skills and qualifications that were current back then have in some part become obsolete - even worthless.

I am not certain even now what skills or qualifications will be useful to me in ten years time.I do know however what type of recruits I will be looking for in ten years time - those with determination, great mindset, honesty.

As is often the case when you have something on your mind, I stumbled across an interesting article relating to this very subject. James Reed, owner of Reed the recruitment agency, has written a book on this very subject. Of interest to me was his piece in the British Airways business magazine. Reed asked thousands of employers across Europe, Asia and America what they look for in employees.

Not to dissect their whole survey, but when asked which is more likely, a person with the right skillset developing the required mindset, or a person with the desired mindset developing the right skillset - 98% chose the latter.

Of even more significance, 97% of the same employers felt more confident predicting the mindset of people they will need in ten years time rather than being able to foresee qualifications and skillset.

Food for thought.

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